Hell's Vengeance

Session 12

Murder Party

This time all four plus Cimri killed people while standing on a guillotine. First it was normal rioters, then Allamar showed up seeking vengeance. Some people got hurt and a lot more got kilt and Allamar and Kels (dressed as the angel knight) got capturt. Looting Allamar revealed a key and then a note, which read "When you're done or whatever seek me in the Court -LV". Some diggin' revealed that the Court is basically an abandoned hideout in the Whisperwood past Fort Estazano, in fact it was one of the bandit holdouts that Estazano was contructed to deal with.

The group turned Allamar and Kels in to Fex who then imprisoned them both.

In the middle of the night, Razelago woke up the not-Dan party and told them shit was goin down at the Ash House, Rhona showed back up with her old deputies and were causin a ruckus. Dan wakes up to the sound of a lamp being thrown/exploding/catching the building on fire, while 2 guards stand outside and 2 are inside dealing with Gaurig and Rhona is trying to convince Cimri to come back to the light.


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