Hell's Vengeance

Session 11


Arso, Etheace, Dan, and Cimri pay the dockmaster to engineer a solution to their problem- the Allamar sons get placed in an abandoned part of town at night. Everyone springs out and attacks! Turns out, the sons had some magical protection via a Kubiru (a shooty cherub angel) summoned somehow. Probably their mom. People get shot at and obscured and fighting happens etc until the group overcomes both brothers and the angel (Dan crit the angel to knock it out).

After deliberation, Arso describes an elaborate guillotine to Razelago. It sounded more like a waterslide that beheads you at times. Anyway they give the unconscious angel, Wolo, to Razelago's pet Krenshar, Gaurig, as a meal. Hooray!

They build the guillotine outside the prison/sheriff's office and get people to show up. Fex's guards build the thing and work security. Fifth Sword Knight Allamar is in attendance with her inner circle/congregation. Arso says some words and Etheace thinks he did it bad so she said a bunch too. An angelic knight rides in on a horse and starts to bellow seditions, and Etheace interrupts them by executing the sons. The knight continues, the shock of the deaths and a shiny man in plate talking about "rising up against your oppressors" is a bunch to take in and people start to slip past the guards. Allamar eyes Dan/Etheace as she runs off with her group towards the church.

Blood from the two sons pools in a pattern forming the words "submit" that Arso carved into the ground.


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