Hell's Vengeance

Session 10

But what about Phillip

This session everyone hung around with nothing NPCs. After murdering a halfling and running from her manticore buddy, Dan led the group into some lumber camps. He and Arso tried disguises but they weren't great.

The group checked the Three Steels camp first, looking for seditionists. They didn't find any. The people there made fun of them and Dan tried to beat up a guy named Phillip for his food bowl but messed up. Etheace tried to comfort him for some reason but you guys were drawing attention to him so his compatriots kept beating him up because it was funny. The admin, Mario, told you that if there were any seditionists, they'd be at the other camp. Dan believed him, appropriated some outfits, and everyone went there.

At the Volmirren camp, the group met the admin, Tom, and got bad vibes. He said there's no seditionists here, you should check at the other camp. Everyone got mad and left.

The group paid the dockmaster Zoags to put Loras and Lacall in front of them. We ended with a city partially on fire, the two brothers having been herded to an abandoned house where the party lies in wait, preparing to subdue then publicly execute the two sons of Fifth Sword Knight Allamar.


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