Hell's Vengeance

Session 8

I Hate You

This week we half resolved stuff! Loran and Lacall Allamar got away and the group's prisoners (Kels, Yavendi, and the 2 shopkeeps) are long gone (supposedly). Everyone rallied back at the Ash House and discussed their next steps, before being spooked by a spooky ghost. Turns out it was an original Moragatelli family member who died in a tub in the fire that made the Ash House ashy. Also turns out Dan's real good at cuttin' ectoplasm. Arso found war relics on the body. Cimri told Dan that the deed to a halfling slave looks legit and the dude is someone who works up at the lumber camps up north. Maybe resolve that later.

in the morning the party geared up- Arso sold the war relics to the historical society for 700g plus 3 rad scrolls from their collection- Displacement, Remove Curse, and Excruciating Deformation. He also bought a CLW wand with 14 charges for 100g and Dan bought 3 cold iron javelins from the dockmaster Ingoe.

Group rolled out to the chapel of Iomedae and, after surveying the grounds, got surrounded. Fifth Sword Knight Tileava Allamar, head of the church and mom to the two jailbreakers, told the party to forget what happened and walk away. Some heated exchange made it clear she respects either her own law or the law that was, and not the party's/Fex's recent decrees. Being outnumbered 6 to 4 and facing someone above middle-management in a religious order, the party left but was super mad about it.

There's poo on all your windows.


allens1015 allens1015

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