Hell's Vengeance

Session 7


This time you guys did some messed up stuff.

Caggan in boar-form charged at you all and we had an hour long fight where you stunlocked him to death. Which is good, because he could potentially one shot you all. Anyway he's super dead, Arso and Shinman butchered him and put him in his own chili then served him to his former customers. Which is, like, a whole new level of messed up for you all.

You met Zaggar of Vulture Crag, a hobgoblin who wanted in. Etheace got a writ of passage for him and he told you guys about what's going on outside- The Helllknight order of the Godclaw found Heart's Edge, and an uppity Iomedaean paladin got mad and organized a rebellion, took the sword back, threw them out of Isger, and started spreading some sedition. You guys think the Angel Knight, Visserene, is an emissary from that paladin/the Glorious Reclamation. Dan knew all about the sword.

You captured the ladies who run the general store and put two of them in stocks and let the third go free, they were spreading seditious materials out of their basement. Etheace hired a guy named Cousin Nicky. You updated Fex and everyone went to bed in different places. In Etheace's sleepytown, the prison, two masked dudes were releasing your general store people from the pillories. They're the Allamar twins, sons of the Fifth-Sword-Knight-Allamar Iomedaean chapel in town. They done run off with your ladies.


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