Hell's Vengeance

Session 11

Arso, Etheace, Dan, and Cimri pay the dockmaster to engineer a solution to their problem- the Allamar sons get placed in an abandoned part of town at night. Everyone springs out and attacks! Turns out, the sons had some magical protection via a Kubiru (a shooty cherub angel) summoned somehow. Probably their mom. People get shot at and obscured and fighting happens etc until the group overcomes both brothers and the angel (Dan crit the angel to knock it out).

After deliberation, Arso describes an elaborate guillotine to Razelago. It sounded more like a waterslide that beheads you at times. Anyway they give the unconscious angel, Wolo, to Razelago's pet Krenshar, Gaurig, as a meal. Hooray!

They build the guillotine outside the prison/sheriff's office and get people to show up. Fex's guards build the thing and work security. Fifth Sword Knight Allamar is in attendance with her inner circle/congregation. Arso says some words and Etheace thinks he did it bad so she said a bunch too. An angelic knight rides in on a horse and starts to bellow seditions, and Etheace interrupts them by executing the sons. The knight continues, the shock of the deaths and a shiny man in plate talking about "rising up against your oppressors" is a bunch to take in and people start to slip past the guards. Allamar eyes Dan/Etheace as she runs off with her group towards the church.

Blood from the two sons pools in a pattern forming the words "submit" that Arso carved into the ground.

Session 10
But what about Phillip

This session everyone hung around with nothing NPCs. After murdering a halfling and running from her manticore buddy, Dan led the group into some lumber camps. He and Arso tried disguises but they weren't great.

The group checked the Three Steels camp first, looking for seditionists. They didn't find any. The people there made fun of them and Dan tried to beat up a guy named Phillip for his food bowl but messed up. Etheace tried to comfort him for some reason but you guys were drawing attention to him so his compatriots kept beating him up because it was funny. The admin, Mario, told you that if there were any seditionists, they'd be at the other camp. Dan believed him, appropriated some outfits, and everyone went there.

At the Volmirren camp, the group met the admin, Tom, and got bad vibes. He said there's no seditionists here, you should check at the other camp. Everyone got mad and left.

The group paid the dockmaster Zoags to put Loras and Lacall in front of them. We ended with a city partially on fire, the two brothers having been herded to an abandoned house where the party lies in wait, preparing to subdue then publicly execute the two sons of Fifth Sword Knight Allamar.

Session 9
Fly, You Fools!

This time we started to clear up some leads. Dan and Cimri spoke with Razelago, who paid them for their week's work. He then spoke about Fex being upset with the level of disarray in the town, what with the party losing all of their prisoners recently, and gave them a goal: publicly execute someone. He doesn't care who. The party should tell him what they need to do it and when they want it done.

So, this session became "procure an executable person," from a list of many choices: The escaped prisoners Kels, Yavendi, and the general store people; Rhona Staelish, former sheriff of town; the three remaining deputies who beat Dan's face in with sticks; Loran or Lacall Allamar, or possibly their mother, Fifth Sword Knight Allamar; any would do. The group wasn't sure how to procure any of these individuals, so they set out to the town's borders and investigated Fort Estazano, the hundred year old military outpost. On their list was also the lumber mill and the shrine to Erastil.

At the fort they found a halfling lady with a bow who trapped them in the fort and shot the shit out of them. Dan struggles with the gate but gets it open. After a relatively short fight, the halfling blew on a silent whistle and called her manticore buddy in. It's now a CR 8 encounter vs the level 2 party of 4. Dan knocks the halfling down with a javelin, Arso successfully greases the manticore, Cimri grabs her weapons, and everyone runs off into the woods, outpacing the manticore. They become third level after this encounter, emboldened by maybe a near-death experience. Next session: we investigate the lumber mill.

Session 8
I Hate You

This week we half resolved stuff! Loran and Lacall Allamar got away and the group's prisoners (Kels, Yavendi, and the 2 shopkeeps) are long gone (supposedly). Everyone rallied back at the Ash House and discussed their next steps, before being spooked by a spooky ghost. Turns out it was an original Moragatelli family member who died in a tub in the fire that made the Ash House ashy. Also turns out Dan's real good at cuttin' ectoplasm. Arso found war relics on the body. Cimri told Dan that the deed to a halfling slave looks legit and the dude is someone who works up at the lumber camps up north. Maybe resolve that later.

in the morning the party geared up- Arso sold the war relics to the historical society for 700g plus 3 rad scrolls from their collection- Displacement, Remove Curse, and Excruciating Deformation. He also bought a CLW wand with 14 charges for 100g and Dan bought 3 cold iron javelins from the dockmaster Ingoe.

Group rolled out to the chapel of Iomedae and, after surveying the grounds, got surrounded. Fifth Sword Knight Tileava Allamar, head of the church and mom to the two jailbreakers, told the party to forget what happened and walk away. Some heated exchange made it clear she respects either her own law or the law that was, and not the party's/Fex's recent decrees. Being outnumbered 6 to 4 and facing someone above middle-management in a religious order, the party left but was super mad about it.

There's poo on all your windows.

Session 7

This time you guys did some messed up stuff.

Caggan in boar-form charged at you all and we had an hour long fight where you stunlocked him to death. Which is good, because he could potentially one shot you all. Anyway he's super dead, Arso and Shinman butchered him and put him in his own chili then served him to his former customers. Which is, like, a whole new level of messed up for you all.

You met Zaggar of Vulture Crag, a hobgoblin who wanted in. Etheace got a writ of passage for him and he told you guys about what's going on outside- The Helllknight order of the Godclaw found Heart's Edge, and an uppity Iomedaean paladin got mad and organized a rebellion, took the sword back, threw them out of Isger, and started spreading some sedition. You guys think the Angel Knight, Visserene, is an emissary from that paladin/the Glorious Reclamation. Dan knew all about the sword.

You captured the ladies who run the general store and put two of them in stocks and let the third go free, they were spreading seditious materials out of their basement. Etheace hired a guy named Cousin Nicky. You updated Fex and everyone went to bed in different places. In Etheace's sleepytown, the prison, two masked dudes were releasing your general store people from the pillories. They're the Allamar twins, sons of the Fifth-Sword-Knight-Allamar Iomedaean chapel in town. They done run off with your ladies.

Session 6
Oops I forget

Hey so I ran a session this week but I forget the day and most of what happened, I went to Japan the week after so

I have written down that the bartender group made 8g on the first day then 5g on the second (7, but they hired employees named Thicc and Spycee as a group). Also Atheis and Dan hired people to take care of Kels and Caggan, specifically a lady and a teenager.

So 2 days passed

Dan went to the history museum and got some backstory and learned about the war and Fort Estanazo and the shrine to Erastil outside town

Zoags the dock-man gave you all info on who's puttin up those dumb fliers, also Atheis froze ome of the fliers and scared people and tore them all down

Anyway you tracked the flyers in a stakeout. Turns out the lady you hired to take care of your prisoners was spreading the fliers, and you went to go lock her up too. Caggan's cell was empty, bars bent, and someone's gettin' charged by a were-boar in the sheriff's office. Caggan's a boar you guys

Session 5
"The Gang Tends Bar"

Scene: Dan has Kels in his grasp. A man is cut in half on the floor. 4 people are unconscious. In a bar. Evening.

The group ignores everything and gets all they can from Kels. He saw a knight dressed in full-plate armor shining like an angel on a hill 2 miles outside of town. It was supposedly Visserene, the hypothetical leader of the Glorious Reclamation. It was a near-religious experience for him I guess, so he started writing shitty songs about it.

Arso pulled a Green Room and staged what looked like a bar fight with the unconscious bodies outside of the tavern. He burned the guy cut in half in the kitchen. He and Shinman pulled some of the flair off the walls (a masterwork dark iron glaive and a scroll of branding.)

Atheis and Dan took Kels and Caggan to the jail. I think Kels got put in the pillory with some gross fruit around. Caggan was unconscious in jail. Both were stripped of their items.  Atheis and Dan basically bond-villain tortured the guy trying to get info out of him but didn't get much. Only that there's been fliers around town about the Reclamation lately.

With the understanding that Dan wanted to disappear Caggan, Arso and Shinman embarked on a quest to get the deed to the bar and make it theirs. A dude appeared at the door and knocked and called himself Inigo, the dockmaster. Upon showing a not-deed to him, Shinman realized he needed the actual deed so ran off to talk to Razelago/Fex. The party split in three ways and I didn't even punish anyone!

Arso made a deal with the guy: 10gp/week and he'd be in that dude's VIP info/loot crate club. Inigo took off. Shinman did legal work and got a bunch of forms stamped and signed and now the group runs the bar. Specifically, Dan owns 0.02%, Atheis 5.00%, and Arso/Shinshitter both run 47.49%. Hooray, bar campaign.

Session 4
Brought an axe to a fistfight

This time, Shinman dragged Dan's unconscious body back to the Ash House with Cimri and Arso. After a long nap, everyone got paid and the group was summoned the the Scarlet Crown, Archbaron Fex's mansion.

Fex wanted to make a deal. Impressed by Razelago's reports, he asked to keep you all on retainer, to the tune of 150g/week/person. All he needed was a little signature (touching a hellrock inscribed with the Chelaxian national icon.) Everyone but Arso did it (Arso is now a contractor basically) and Dan did it harder than anyone else. Dan negotiated his pay for better armor instead, banded mail then full-plate.

Razelago turned out to be a half-bug half-cupid devil called a Zebub. Fex asked you to go beat up the innkeep of the Last Stand tavern Caggan and interrogate the bard Kels, and report back what they know about the Glorious Reclamation or the Angel Knight. He gave you keys to the sheriff's office/jail and all its pillories, cells, and cabinets to do whatever you thought needed done, while recognizing that you shouldn't burn the town down or something.

Anyway you guys went to the bar and Shinman immediately picked a fight with some rando I made up for fluff and eventually Kels was stabbed and shot and Caggan was knocked out and some other guy got cut in half.

Session 3
Antipaladin Down

At the end of last session you guys were told to post some notices around, and also fire the sheriff. This time, you guys did that!

The squishy one, the crazy one and the nameless one went around town putting up notices. Crazy one mocked Iomedae and made people super uncomfortable while lady sorceror had an indepth conversation about what the stipulations were on congregating. Everyone helped close the western gate, and told its guardians Bo and Denton to fudge off. They got real mad. Forgot-his-name put up the last one at the inn, and the chef/proprietor Craggan got all mad and took it down and no one cared.

The sheriff left after being handed a pink slip, and the one who wouldn't stop yelling about Iomedae earlier stole her lockbox. Sheriff's deputies were upset and had a brief standoff, then left, then ambushed you guys on your way back to get paid! The armored one went down with billyblubs to the face! The talky guy and space wizard set some cops on fire and then burned one to death! Everyone ran away except for the now-unconscious man-skinner! In an alley! In the city!

Session 2
The Boredening

This week everyone was sleepy and we weren't super invested in what done happened.

After "successfully" heist-ing the tannery, the group+Cimri got mad loot from Razelago. We talked about where you all would have stayed in town, and Razelago->Cimri called you back for another job. The job was to put on Chilleax-ian/Fex-ian sashes and go to a town square meeting between the head of the town's church of Iomedae and the townsfolk themselves. Make yourselves known.

The group talked to Rhona, Cimri's aunt (also Longacre's sheriff) and realized she had tried to trap them via logic to pin the tannery killing on them. O. Shinman noticed he was being followed by her police force.

The Iomedaean priestess spoke a seditious speech and revealed a silver angelic helmet, talking about the Glorious Reclamation. Stuff about civil rights and freedoms. Said the tannery-owner was assassinated because of his stance against Archbaron Fex.

You guys didn't make yourselves known but returned to Razelago and got paid anyway. He "offered" another job: post the Archbaron's decrees around town, which declared a curfew, closed entrance to the town, limited audiences with the Archbaron himself, and restricted group sizes outdoors. Razelago also had a pink slip for Rhona, the sheriff, for the PCs to deliver.


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