Hell's Vengeance

Session 6

Oops I forget

Hey so I ran a session this week but I forget the day and most of what happened, I went to Japan the week after so

I have written down that the bartender group made 8g on the first day then 5g on the second (7, but they hired employees named Thicc and Spycee as a group). Also Atheis and Dan hired people to take care of Kels and Caggan, specifically a lady and a teenager.

So 2 days passed

Dan went to the history museum and got some backstory and learned about the war and Fort Estanazo and the shrine to Erastil outside town

Zoags the dock-man gave you all info on who's puttin up those dumb fliers, also Atheis froze ome of the fliers and scared people and tore them all down

Anyway you tracked the flyers in a stakeout. Turns out the lady you hired to take care of your prisoners was spreading the fliers, and you went to go lock her up too. Caggan's cell was empty, bars bent, and someone's gettin' charged by a were-boar in the sheriff's office. Caggan's a boar you guys


allens1015 allens1015

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