Hell's Vengeance

Session 4

Brought an axe to a fistfight

This time, Shinman dragged Dan's unconscious body back to the Ash House with Cimri and Arso. After a long nap, everyone got paid and the group was summoned the the Scarlet Crown, Archbaron Fex's mansion.

Fex wanted to make a deal. Impressed by Razelago's reports, he asked to keep you all on retainer, to the tune of 150g/week/person. All he needed was a little signature (touching a hellrock inscribed with the Chelaxian national icon.) Everyone but Arso did it (Arso is now a contractor basically) and Dan did it harder than anyone else. Dan negotiated his pay for better armor instead, banded mail then full-plate.

Razelago turned out to be a half-bug half-cupid devil called a Zebub. Fex asked you to go beat up the innkeep of the Last Stand tavern Caggan and interrogate the bard Kels, and report back what they know about the Glorious Reclamation or the Angel Knight. He gave you keys to the sheriff's office/jail and all its pillories, cells, and cabinets to do whatever you thought needed done, while recognizing that you shouldn't burn the town down or something.

Anyway you guys went to the bar and Shinman immediately picked a fight with some rando I made up for fluff and eventually Kels was stabbed and shot and Caggan was knocked out and some other guy got cut in half.


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