Hell's Vengeance

Session 9

Fly, You Fools!

This time we started to clear up some leads. Dan and Cimri spoke with Razelago, who paid them for their week's work. He then spoke about Fex being upset with the level of disarray in the town, what with the party losing all of their prisoners recently, and gave them a goal: publicly execute someone. He doesn't care who. The party should tell him what they need to do it and when they want it done.

So, this session became "procure an executable person," from a list of many choices: The escaped prisoners Kels, Yavendi, and the general store people; Rhona Staelish, former sheriff of town; the three remaining deputies who beat Dan's face in with sticks; Loran or Lacall Allamar, or possibly their mother, Fifth Sword Knight Allamar; any would do. The group wasn't sure how to procure any of these individuals, so they set out to the town's borders and investigated Fort Estazano, the hundred year old military outpost. On their list was also the lumber mill and the shrine to Erastil.

At the fort they found a halfling lady with a bow who trapped them in the fort and shot the shit out of them. Dan struggles with the gate but gets it open. After a relatively short fight, the halfling blew on a silent whistle and called her manticore buddy in. It's now a CR 8 encounter vs the level 2 party of 4. Dan knocks the halfling down with a javelin, Arso successfully greases the manticore, Cimri grabs her weapons, and everyone runs off into the woods, outpacing the manticore. They become third level after this encounter, emboldened by maybe a near-death experience. Next session: we investigate the lumber mill.


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