Hell's Vengeance

Session 5

"The Gang Tends Bar"

Scene: Dan has Kels in his grasp. A man is cut in half on the floor. 4 people are unconscious. In a bar. Evening.

The group ignores everything and gets all they can from Kels. He saw a knight dressed in full-plate armor shining like an angel on a hill 2 miles outside of town. It was supposedly Visserene, the hypothetical leader of the Glorious Reclamation. It was a near-religious experience for him I guess, so he started writing shitty songs about it.

Arso pulled a Green Room and staged what looked like a bar fight with the unconscious bodies outside of the tavern. He burned the guy cut in half in the kitchen. He and Shinman pulled some of the flair off the walls (a masterwork dark iron glaive and a scroll of branding.)

Atheis and Dan took Kels and Caggan to the jail. I think Kels got put in the pillory with some gross fruit around. Caggan was unconscious in jail. Both were stripped of their items.  Atheis and Dan basically bond-villain tortured the guy trying to get info out of him but didn't get much. Only that there's been fliers around town about the Reclamation lately.

With the understanding that Dan wanted to disappear Caggan, Arso and Shinman embarked on a quest to get the deed to the bar and make it theirs. A dude appeared at the door and knocked and called himself Inigo, the dockmaster. Upon showing a not-deed to him, Shinman realized he needed the actual deed so ran off to talk to Razelago/Fex. The party split in three ways and I didn't even punish anyone!

Arso made a deal with the guy: 10gp/week and he'd be in that dude's VIP info/loot crate club. Inigo took off. Shinman did legal work and got a bunch of forms stamped and signed and now the group runs the bar. Specifically, Dan owns 0.02%, Atheis 5.00%, and Arso/Shinshitter both run 47.49%. Hooray, bar campaign.


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