Hell's Vengeance

Session 3

Antipaladin Down

At the end of last session you guys were told to post some notices around, and also fire the sheriff. This time, you guys did that!

The squishy one, the crazy one and the nameless one went around town putting up notices. Crazy one mocked Iomedae and made people super uncomfortable while lady sorceror had an indepth conversation about what the stipulations were on congregating. Everyone helped close the western gate, and told its guardians Bo and Denton to fudge off. They got real mad. Forgot-his-name put up the last one at the inn, and the chef/proprietor Craggan got all mad and took it down and no one cared.

The sheriff left after being handed a pink slip, and the one who wouldn't stop yelling about Iomedae earlier stole her lockbox. Sheriff's deputies were upset and had a brief standoff, then left, then ambushed you guys on your way back to get paid! The armored one went down with billyblubs to the face! The talky guy and space wizard set some cops on fire and then burned one to death! Everyone ran away except for the now-unconscious man-skinner! In an alley! In the city!


allens1015 allens1015

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