Hell's Vengeance

Session 2

The Boredening

This week everyone was sleepy and we weren't super invested in what done happened.

After "successfully" heist-ing the tannery, the group+Cimri got mad loot from Razelago. We talked about where you all would have stayed in town, and Razelago->Cimri called you back for another job. The job was to put on Chilleax-ian/Fex-ian sashes and go to a town square meeting between the head of the town's church of Iomedae and the townsfolk themselves. Make yourselves known.

The group talked to Rhona, Cimri's aunt (also Longacre's sheriff) and realized she had tried to trap them via logic to pin the tannery killing on them. O. Shinman noticed he was being followed by her police force.

The Iomedaean priestess spoke a seditious speech and revealed a silver angelic helmet, talking about the Glorious Reclamation. Stuff about civil rights and freedoms. Said the tannery-owner was assassinated because of his stance against Archbaron Fex.

You guys didn't make yourselves known but returned to Razelago and got paid anyway. He "offered" another job: post the Archbaron's decrees around town, which declared a curfew, closed entrance to the town, limited audiences with the Archbaron himself, and restricted group sizes outdoors. Razelago also had a pink slip for Rhona, the sheriff, for the PCs to deliver.


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