Hell's Vengeance

Session 1

The Stealening

So, Hell's Vengeance: Cheliax. Evil campaign. Evil characters. Authoritarian devil-state.

Please correct me on name spelling/names, I am a bad and did not record them properly. We have:

  • Atheis, drow sorceror of Yog-Sothoth
  • Orgrum Shinshatterer, Invulnerable Rager Barbarian of the Five Kings Mountains
  • Dastardly Dan, Antipaladin terrorist
  • Unnamed bard AKA Arso Fäus

You guys recently came to Longacre, hideaway of those banned from entry into major cities in Cheliax. You met Cimri, a young local lady who was looking for help in robbing a local tannery for her employer Razelago. The tannery's owner, Louis, had been rumored to be skipping out on his taxes.

As a group, you guys struck at night: You found a hole in the tannery's palisade wall, which Arso and Shinny snuck through, while Cimri Dan and Atheis took up the front gate. You waited for everyone but the man in question (Ol' Louis) to leave, then approached friendily while he drew a crossbow. Shit went down, Atheis took a bolt, and you collectively murdered Louis and his dog Abe, and took his valuables. You left the dog and dumped Louis in the gross tannery baths. Shinman took his left pinky toe. Dan wanted to skin him. I violated the Pathfinder Pact and did dialogue without letting Atheis roll diplo/bluff/intimidate. =(

You left and met with Razelago, a figure behind a screen Wizard-of-Oz-style, and gave him the valuables. He seemed into it. No one questioned the screen thing to his face. He gave you some cash money in return, and also masterwork weapons. Cimri/Razelago said they'd call on you later (AKA probably next session lets be reals here.)


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